Bosnia Agile Day 2018 keynote speaker Enis Zeherović

Bosnia Agile Day 2018 keynote speaker Enis Zeherović


Founder and CEO of eXtreme Software Group, co-founder of Bosnia Agile.

Speaker on Agile and Testing conferences, a trainer in test automation…

During years in IT and engagements on international projects, He had been in different positions from Manual Tester, Test Automation Engineer, Test Automation Lead, Team Lead, QA/QC Consultant, HP Consultant, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Engagement Manager, DevOps, Release Manager, etc.

A wide range of industry domains he was engaged in, like Storage, Network monitoring, Antivirus, Online Payments, Banking, Airline, Health-Care, provided him with great experience and opportunity to notify common patterns, challenges, and solutions.

These days he is in DevOps and consulting.

Lectures: Traditional tester lost in the Agile world

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