Bosnia Agile Day 2018 speaker Hubert Shin

Bosnia Agile Day 2018 speaker Hubert Shin


Samsung SDS , Director of Agile Core Team

Hubert Shin has been working in Samsung SDS for 16 years. He was there for a long time because there was a huge hope that he wanted to achieve.

If he is successful to adopt Agile well in Samsung, entire IT industry in South Korea can be better because Samsung is one of the biggest influencers. For this, he started his career as a developer in 2004 but later he became a scrum master, Agile coach and Agile evangelist.

Later, in 2015, the most exciting thing happened to his life. That was he succeeded to create one great team called ACT(Agile Core Team) which is Agile center of exellence in Samsung. With these 70 fabulous Agile coaches, product managers, designers and developers, he is fully enjoying his journey to Agile in Samsung SDS now.

Here is a link to explain ACT if you are interested in:

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