Bosnia Agile Day 2018 speaker Nikola Bogdanov

Bosnia Agile Day 2018 speaker Nikola Bogdanov



REWE Digital , Agile Master

Nikola Bogdanov is an Agile enthusiast with deep interests in people, team and organizational facilitation and coaching. He works as an Agile Coach in REWE Digital GmbH, which is a part of the REWE Group.

Nikola has worked as an Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Agile Leader in the last several years. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT industry, taking part in big and small companies, having many different roles from Software Engineer to Organizational Agile Coach.

You can often see him presenting different aspects of Agile and Lean approaches at conferences, trainings and public lectures. He transforms his appetite for Agile into lifestyle. He is also a university teacher, lecturing Agile and Lean in the past 4 years at the University of Sofia, where he is working on his PhD focused on Agile.

In the best way, Nikola combines strong technical background, an academic knowledge and rich expertise. He shares his knowledge and experience through helping, coaching and lecturing modern methodologies, implementing and examining Agile and Lean in dynamic environments.

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