from 3rd to 6th of April, 2025.

“Leadership in communications”


“In an age when digital is inexorably shaping our daily lives, we drink coffee with dear people less and less, organize live meetings, and see those without whom our work and life can hardly function. Instead of a warm human encounter, we make “zoom” compromises, postponing dear encounters and restraining emotions. Fortunately, sometimes Danijel Koletić comes to our city and with a great team of associates restores us to the factory settings. He shows us, as only he can, why a close encounter has no alternative, and that a live word and a handshake are more precious than any session on “teams”. This was also the case this year at the 21st Pro PR conference, the leading educational event in the region in the field of public relations. Wonderful, dear people, new acquaintances, and never more lecturers from all over the world. Thank you Danijel and the PR profession! See you next year.” Miloš Cicmil, Public Affairs Manager at Novo Nordisk.


The Crikvenica Riviera has so many stories to tell. Its history sparks the imagination, its streets and squares transform into open-air stages, and its cuisine combines tradition and modernity, Mediterranean flavors, and good wines from the Vinodol hinterland. The Riviera offers numerous challenges to sports enthusiasts, recreational athletes, and everyone who values a healthy lifestyle. If you get tired after these activities, you’ll find soothing relaxation in the sea…
This is a destination so full of experiences, that there will be little time left to catch a breath! For over 130 years, the natural healing qualities of the Crikvenica Riviera have been providing a formula for health: here, healthy sea air combines with fresh mountain air, spreading the intoxicating scents of aromatic herbs and the spray of sea salt. Regardless of whether your love story is measured in days, weeks, months, or years, you will enjoy walking along the Love Path, discovering the area’s ten kissing spots, or exploring the Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love. This is a pet-friendly destination: don’t be surprised at the sight of a beach bar where your four-legged friends can drink a beer designed just for them or enjoy sweets on their own beach.


“As an expert in the field of public relations with more than ten years of experience, the PRO PR conference left me deeply impressed with its professionalism and relevance. This conference is not just an ordinary event on the calendar, but a real place where industry experts meet to share the latest trends, best practices, and visions for the future. Participation in the PRO PR conference brought me not only refreshment in the form of new ideas but also confirmation and validation of my existing practice. Lectures by experts, panel discussions, and workshops were an opportunity to delve deeper into current topics, as well as to exchange experiences with colleagues from the entire region, and even the world. What particularly impressed me was the variety of topics that were covered during the conference. From digital strategies to crisis management, the PRO PR conference provided a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of our work today. After more than ten years of dealing with public relations, I can freely say that the PRO PR conference has become a key event in my professional development. I look forward to each future conference and the opportunity to continue learning and networking with industry peers.” Reanna Brajković Relić, Senior Expert Advisor for Public Relations at National Park Brijuni


Selce has been named the best-tended tourist location in Kvarner four times and has also received the ‘Blue Flower’ award for the best-tended place in the Adriatic. Selce is a small, modest town, once home to fishermen and stonemasons, and today an attractive location for an unforgettable holiday. In the evening, Selce is transformed into a theatre of culture and entertainment. You’ll love the traditional evenings of folklore dances, great concerts and recitals, and the opportunity to enjoy art in the shape of street portrait artists. The experience is completed with songs coming from private terraces, a wide-ranging offer of sea specialties and excellent wines, and unforgettable fishermen’s evenings. Beautiful natural surroundings, hidden and rugged coves, a sea so clean you can see shellfish moving on its bottom, and beaches full of unforgettable sea adventures.

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